Bluebird days in the Whites

Mt Washington

Mt Washington

Crossing into New Hampshire was a thrill in of itself. It basically means get ready for the Whites, the real fun is about to start. We kept hearing from NOBOs that the Whites were temperamental in weather and challenging in terrain. I’ll be honest, it was a little intimidating. Then again, I just finished Maine - the most difficult terrain of the Appalachian Trail.

Food-wise, I was scrambled. With no easy resupply between Gorham and Lincoln, I was not thrilled about carrying a heavy food bag through what was already expected to be a rough section. However, I learned along the way where I could've carried less food and utilized the huts and visitor centers along the way. You can read more about How I Winged the Whites and other tips here.

After leaving Gorham, New Hampshire, I lucked out. I only had a couple rainy misty days with the majority of sunny hot days. The high was 88 degrees the day I hiked over Mt Washington.

The best part of the Whites is the sheer adventure of each day. Days are divided into summits, experiences at the huts, or the day you meet your new trail family. I spent 8 days in the Whites from Gorham to Lincoln and every day was incredibly different and rewarding.

Meeting Odie, Pretty Feet, Fluffy, Field Trip and Penny over Mt Washington was one of the best parts. The Whites are proof where you never know where the day will take you.